Whens a mountain not a mountain – when its a sea mount!

So the latest trick used to by Islamic apologists is to say that https://www.islamawakened.com/quran/16/15/default.htm etc isnt talking about Mountains on the earth, its talking about sea mounts.  This is the Ahmiddiyya website that makes the claim.


It’s all the usual “root word” nonsense, this word means that, and can mean something else, completely forgetting that its a Quran in Plain Arabic https://www.islamawakened.com/quran/26/195/default.htm










Let’s spread hepatitis A & B and kill a few people cos Ahmiddiyya think homeopathy works


Follow the above thread – nutty Muslim thinks he can cure (and claims he has cured!) Hepatitis A & B with homeopathy, nosodes and whatnot. Apparently the Ahmaddiyya think it works!

Nosodes are where you take fluid tissue pus etc from someone suffering from the disease and put it through the homeopathic dilution process. Let’s hope that there really isn’t any of the substance (hepatitis) getting through 6.023 X 10^26!

At the end he claims to have cured some poor English girl of hepatitis , let’s hope she goes to real doctor and gets proper treatment.

The danger here is that these poor people think they are cured , don’t get treated , and also pass the disease onto their partners, children etc. Yep nothing like killing people in the name of religion.


Islamophobia – is calling Mohammed a Pedophile Islamophobic? Or is it reasonable criticism based on the evidence? Wtf is Islamophobia anyway?

Question, is paedophile a fair description of man of 54 who has sexual intercourse with a girl under 10? If your answer is No I would be careful who you say that to!!!!!

So some useless organisation has come up with a new definition of Islamophobia that the NSS is afraid will cut down reasonable comment and criticism of Islam. Several political parties have accepted it so this isn’t a trivial issue. We just had the high court decision on the Twitter thought crime.

So on the BBC big question programme (put minutes in) we had all the reasons why no one should be allowed to criticise Islam. Well you can criticise it, but only if you do it in a lovely lovely lovely way, meaning you aren’t actually criticising it really in any meaningful way and certainly don’t bring up any awkward issues.So Nick the host brought up calling Mohammed a pedophile (well done Nick, no pussy footing around there). Is that allowable under the proposed regime?

This is important because Mohammed is said in the Quran to be “Ye have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a beautiful pattern (of conduct) for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Final Day, and who engages much in the Praise of Allah. So if he actually was a pedophile then Muslims will either have to 1) condone paedophilia or 2) doubt that the Quran is the unchanged direct word of God.  Which they obviously don’t want to do.

And an academic Muslim on the programme said “bring the evidence” . So since he asked so nicely, here is the evidence that I could find. And to avoid doubt I’m not doing this for nasty bad reasons, I’m doing it to foster links between all communities so that all faiths ( and none and don’t forget the unsure) can work together to build links across the issues that divide us so we can all move forward in mutual….(.cont page94 that’s enough drivel ed)

So this all revolves around the age of his wife (wiflett?) Ayesha revered by many Sunni Muslims as the “mother of believers” but apparently is not so popular with many Shia Muslims! The critics say she was very young (under 10) when she married the by then 54 year old Mohammed. So if you answered yes to the original question, and if the critics are right……..

So how old was she when she married Mohamed? What’s the evidence that she was under 10 when the marriage was consummated?

To be continued