Tents and wind

Sam. Cohan wrote this

Mike Hunt wait so when you put down a tent and the wind comes, is it completely stable and doesn’t move at all? This is what the Quran means, that the mountains are like pegs. I don’t know why you are trying to play with words. Also, as I mentioned above, we don’t know the exact meaning of this verse. I gave you another similar verse which you can say has a totally different meaning. It is one of the ambiguous verses in the Quran. Also, which scientist has done research on a connection between earthquake and mountains? Please show me some studies they have done and give me their conclusions.


Write a verse like it

something like the Quran
“Oh believers, do not interfere with your ladies secret gardens,
Do you not think we did not make them perfect in the first place
And you will be the losers”
Those lines in the Quran (or even in the Hadith) would have saved millions of women from the horror of FGM. Do I win £5?

Or another translation goes like this

“Oy Muslims, leave their fannies alone you bastards, do you dare to say I can’t design a fanny that doesn’t need you messing around with it? I’ll burn your bum off if you don’t do as you’re told”